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I am privileged to assume the role of Commodore, Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club, at the celebration of our fortieth year of adventure. Yes adventure is the right word: it means an unusual, exciting possibly dangerous activity, and such as a trip or experience or the excitement by such. It has driven people to the sea for years and continues to this day. Adventure: the very word stirs a feeling of excitement in us. When we step onto a boat and the dock disappears behind us, the entire world changes. The deck rocks, the wind brushes our skin, and our sense of motion is modified and enhanced as pitch, yaw, and roll become the new normal. Even the taste of galley-prepared food is somehow better.
I am honored to be among club members of vastly diverse backgrounds with tales of past endeavors and whispers of bold memories, both pleasant and arduous. As I peer at the shipmates surrounding me, I realize that these friends are true mariners Having taken to the water over many years, the love of the sea is in our blood. Reveling in presentations of the anthologies by those around me, I have been entertained and astounded. Whether it is a trip round the world or a local excursion, there appears to always be something of a story to tell. It is a sailor's right to embellish those stories as we seem fit and embellish, we do. If you have qualms with the voracity of the tale, take the plunge yourself and see what is out there. You may find the embellishment was insufficient!
Each activity we share enhances our adventurous spirits as we seek the exciting and unusual, or simply relax with spirits and talk about them. Yes, truly I am privileged to be on this adventure known as the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club as it celebrates forty years of spirited friendship.
And the Adventure Continues..
Craig Myler
2024 Commodore
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