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                                                                                                 John Jackson

Commodore's Message

I feel extremely honored to have been elected Commodore of the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club. The club is entering its 33rd year. We have a few members who were here when the club began and several who are new this past year. I fully believe that even though changes to the club have occurred, and will continue to occur, the main reasons for joining the club remain the same. The first is to participate in one or more of our on-the-water activities. Cruising activities range from raft-ups in the Inner Harbour to long distance cruising in the company of other club members. On-the-water activities also include one design racing, e.g. Sunfish and Ensigns, and PHRF racing for those who want to participate. The PHRF races range from the Oar Race to Tuesday Fun Races.

The other reason for joining the FHYC is for the great socials for which the club is known. These range from “Impromptu Happy Hours” held about once a month to the formal Commodores' Ball held in March.

Throughout the year, the Board and Bridge Officers of the FHYC work to keep us all on an even keel. In 2018 I hope you will enjoy lots of time on the water, as well as participate in the club’s social activities. To keep our club strong, I also hope that you get involved with a committee or two. I certainly plan to do so. I look forward to seeing all of you at many club events.


Smooth Sailing,
John Y. Jackson



Join the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club

Membership in the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club is open to individuals or couples who are property owners or condominium owners in the Fairfield Harbour development located in New Bern, North Carolina, pay full Property Owners Association (POA) dues, and who own a registered or documented sail or power boat.

Prospective members must be sponsored by two current members. Your sponsors will guide you through the application procedure, introduce you to other members of the Club at regular meetings, invite you to participate in Club events, accompany you to an orientation session, and continue to serve as your mentors over your first year of membership. If you have not yet met a FHYC member, consider stopping in at one of our general meetings at the Community Center. The date of the next general meeting is listed under "Upcoming Events" on this page.

Copies of the application form and other membership forms may be found under the "Administration" tab at the top of this page.

  Upcoming Events

Ensign Race
Thursday, November 15

Food Drive
December 6-8

Board Meeting
Monday, December 10 - 1900

 Holiday Party
Thursday, December 13


Fun Racing
Tuesday, January 1

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