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Commodore's Message

Fairfield Harbour is a wonderful community, and I am proud of Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club’s place within this community. It is an honor to serve this fellowship of boaters and it is a challenge to maintain the high standards established by our past leadership. We have a dedicated and capable Bridge, Board and committee chairs. As Commodore I claim the right to applaud them first and loudest.

FHYC offers great opportunities. It’s my job to make sure that Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club continues to offer every member a chance to cruise, to learn, to race, to enjoy coastal waters in our boats, and to enjoy the company of fellow members. We continue our grand traditions while seeking to improve what we can.

The Oar Race is a grand tradition, with profound historic roots. Our club cruises are also a grand tradition, each one potentially “the cruise of a lifetime.” FHYC members have carried out nationally-recognized rescues, and our burgee has flown far and wide. As in past years, we will be welcoming new members into our traditions. I am confident they will become just as proud and will add their own luster.

It is my task to keep the torch lit. I invite every FHYC member to join in, because everyone gains more when all of us contribute. We must also pass the torch and make sure that our club continues to be one of the brightest stars in our great community.

Douglas King

Join the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club

Membership in the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club is open to individuals or couples who are property owners or condominium owners in the Fairfield Harbour development located in New Bern, North Carolina, pay full Property Owners Association (POA) dues, and who own a registered or documented sail or power boat.

Prospective members must be sponsored by two current members. Your sponsors will guide you through the application procedure, introduce you to other members of the Club at regular meetings, invite you to participate in Club events, accompany you to an orientation session, and continue to serve as your mentors over your first year of membership. If you have not yet met a FHYC member, consider stopping in at one of our general meetings at the Community Center. The date of the next general meeting is listed under "Upcoming Events" on this page.

Copies of the application form and other membership forms may be found under the "Administration" tab at the top of this page.

  Upcoming Events

Yacht Club Dinner
Wednesday, November 15

Ensign Race #7
Thursday, November 16

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