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Marine Radio Information

Emergency Calls

MAYDAY         Spoken 3 times. This is used to indicate grave and imminent  danger and request immediate help.

PAN PAN       (PAHN PAHN) Indicates a very urgent message concerning the safety of a ship, aircraft or other vehicle, or the safety of a person.

SECURITY    (SAY-CUR-IT-TAY) Indicates a message concerning safety of navigation or important weather warnings.

Key Recreational Marine VHF Channels

16          Distress/Safety/Hailing only. Call, then switch to a working channel.

16/68     Local Assistance: Call Northwest Creek Marina if cell phone is  unavailable. See Marine Assistance-Operations page for details.

13          Inter-ship navigation safety. Monitored by bridges in North Carolina.

22          Coast Guard Liaison and Maritime Safety Information Broadcasts.

26, 27    Automated radio checks in the Morehead City area.

68, 69    Non-commercial vessel working channels.

71, 72    Non-commercial vessel working channels.

78          Non-commercial vessel working channel.

70          Digital Selective Calling (voice communications not allowed).

WX 3     NOAA Weather Radio Newport office.

Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI)

Maritime Mobile Service Identities (MMSIs) are nine digit numbers used by mari­time digital selective calling (DSC), automatic identification systems (AIS), and certain other equipment to uniquely identify a ship or a coastal radio station. Recreational boaters who remain in U.S. waters can obtain an MMSI through approved organizations such as BOAT/US, SEA TOW, U.S. Power Squadron, and Shine Micro (primarily for AIS). Most of these organizations provide MMSIs at no charge even to non-members. A marine VHF radio equipped with DSC should be connected to a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver so that position information will be transmitted in the event that a DSC distress call is initiated by the vessel.

Amateur Radio (Ham) Operator

There are several Ham nets dedicated to maritime mobile operations. The best known is the Waterway Net and Cruising Club, which is on the air every morning from 0745 to 0845. Listen to the net on 7268 kHz to hear general traffic to and from boats as well as weather reports and position reports of boats underway. Another common marine net operates from 0900 to 1900 hours daily on 14,300 kHz USB. This net is less structured than the Waterway Net, but does handle traffic to and from boats underway. Visit the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club website (fhyc.us) for more information about New Bern area Amateur Radio activities and a list of FHYC Ham operators.

Join the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club

Membership in the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club is open to individuals or couples who are property owners or condominium owners in the Fairfield Harbour development located in New Bern, North Carolina, pay full Property Owners Association (POA) dues, and who own a registered or documented sail or power boat.

Prospective members must be sponsored by two current members. Your sponsors will guide you through the application procedure, introduce you to other members of the Club at regular meetings, invite you to participate in Club events, accompany you to an orientation session, and continue to serve as your mentors over your first year of membership. If you have not yet met a FHYC member, consider stopping in at one of our general meetings at the Community Center. The date of the next general meeting is listed under "Upcoming Events" on this page.

Copies of the application form and other membership forms may be found under the "Administration" tab at the top of this page.

  Upcoming Events

 Fun Racing
Tuesday, September 24

Ensign Race #1
Thursday, September 26

Dinghy/Sunfish Race
Sunday, September 29

Fun Racing
Tuesday, October 1

Ensign Race #2
Thursday, October 3

Dinghy/Sunfish Race
Sunday, October 6

Board Meeting
Monday, October 7 - 0900

Fun Racing
Tuesday, October 8

Ensign Race #3
Thursday, October 10

General Meeting
Thursday, October 10 - 1930

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